A girl, yarn, and dye. Simple. Love what you do. Hand Dyed Yarn and Roving.

I love color. I love mixing colors and finding combinations that surprise me. It began in my early 20s with oil paints. I loved the way the colors would combine and new colors would appear and overlap.

Over the years and after several other artistic media, I developed a love of knitting and an addiction to squishy, soft, hand dyed yarns. I merged my love of color and yarn and now I make soft squishy yarn in beautiful colors that I knit with.

Yarn dyeing started out for me as a hobby and a way to fulfill my love of hand dyed yarn, and now I'm sharing my passion with you. I hand dye this yarn in my dream home - a log cabin in the Georgia mountains. My business is run out of my Florida location. I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I've enjoyed creating it for you.

I owned a brick and mortar gallery in a trendy artist section of town until 2010. My dad was retired and the gallery was a great part time activity to keep him busy. After our gallery closed, I began selling at craft fairs. Now I'm selling on ETSY.

Why are my prices low? Sure I want to grow my business, but I also don’t like to charge more than I would want to pay for yarn. I want to set a fair price because I believe in treating people fairly, and the world always needs more of that. Besides, everyone should have access to hand dyed squishy soft yarn!

Thanks for taking a look! :)

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