Hello fellow yarn addicts! Welcome to my new blog and my new website (www.southernskeins.com).  Yes, I'm still at my ETSY site too (www.SouthernSkeins1.etsy.com) so please visit me at either shop.  Both carry the same products.

So, I've been working on my cotton summer sweater. I'm using 100% pima cotton and it has such a sheen to it! I dyed it in my summer sky colorway and I'm in loooove! I'll post some photos shortly.  But right now it isn't more than 6 inches of knit in the round stockinnette sitch.  The pattern I am using is Knit Picks June sweater. It is a sleeveless sweater.  Should be nice and cool for the hot and humid summers here.  If I ever get it done that is. LOL! 

I'm also working on some socks.  One in a new speckled colorway called Memories (thank you to a sweet customer who suggested the name as the yarn debut was the weekend my son graduated high school).  It's turquoise, lime, and purple speckles.  Love it! I dyed it on Glisten Sock, so it has some sparkle to it also.

We have been doing spring cleaning lately - yes, it's summer and not spring.  I enjoy working out in the yard and trimming the shrubs/bushes/trees. The grass grows a mile a minute here, so mowing is a weekly task and that is a lot of fun too riding on the mower and listing to my radio. 

I'll try to post often.  I hope you like my new site and blog.  Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter.  The link is on the front page of my website.  Have a great day and don't drop any stitches! :)